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Andreas Amundin

I am a business, technology, and enterprise architect with 20+ years of experience across the US and Sweden. I focus on outcome oriented and reality based architectures for enterprises, businesses, organizational units, projects, and large scale programs. I use this approach, not only to create system solutions, but also to improve how organizations work to run and continually improve systems.

I am the creator of the PrimaryScape modeling notation. This is a new modeling notation which makes it easier to describe outcome oriented and reality based architectures.

Over the years I have worked both as a consultant and employee in roles including:
  • business systems architect
  • enterprise architect
  • applications architect
  • integration architect
  • software architect
  • process lead
  • professional instructor
  • business analyst
  • technical lead
  • software developer
My experience includes but is not limited to:
  • business/tech/enterprise architecture
  • work process improvements
  • business information and data modeling
  • business process management/modeling
  • enterprise systems integration
  • professional instructor of systems/sw
  • agile and other SDLC methods
  • solution workshops
  • use case based requirements
  • object oriented programming & design
  • functional decompositions
  • capability modeling
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Marcus Schmidt

Patricia Gruneus
Stellan Aspenström
Nina Grundemark
Morgan Templar

Sanjay Mahadi

Mike Wolfe

Ketan Gima

Jason Hagen

Miwa Tripp

Ravi Kalaga

Sachin Rao

Select Recommendations

Here I highlight select recommendations from more than 30 that you can read on my LinkedIn page.

Each of the thumbnails above will bring up a different recommendation.

Marcus Schmidt

Senior Solutions Architect at Extenda
Marcus worked with Andreas but at different companies (2018-2020)

I've been working rather closely with Andreas for 3-4 years now and can positively acknowledge his enormous capability of paying attention to the details within the bigger picture. Andreas is capable of designing well-constructed features that expand across multiple solutions. He combines an aim for perfection with pragmatism to drive both quality in his deliveries as well as ambition amongst his co-workers.

Me and Andreas worked closely in driving the change from a waterfall model releasing two times a year into a more agile approach focusing on CI/CD enabling releases once per month. The main complexity involved changing deep rooted processes across 3 organizations. This change wouldn't have turn out to be the success it was without the Andreas contributions.

I have learned a great deal from working with Andreas and I hope to get the privilege of doing so again in the future

Patricia Bossong Gruneus

Project Manager - POS at H&M
Andreas worked with Patricia in the same group (2017-2018)

To sum up Andreas in one word is "brilliant"!!

Andreas was Senior Solution Architect for a time critical fiscal project at H&M where I was Project Manager. This project was from the start considered high risk and high impact if not successful and needed to race against time to ensure delivery of a complex solution from multiple suppliers. Thanks to Andreas’ leadership, retail expertise as well as breadth and depth of competence, the delivery was met without a single issue post go-live. It is still a role model for future such fiscal initiatives.

I am grateful to have worked with Andreas! He challenged the norm and generated creative ideas resulting in "raising the bar" of what our team could achieve. He brought a strong passion, lots of creative energy, innovative ideas and positive team spirit. In addition, Andreas showed his excellent communication skills, both written and in presenting. He was able to explain this complex solution to both the technical and non-technical as well as appropriately communicate and partner with government agencies.

Although Andreas is an outstanding Architect, he is also an experienced Project Manager. He takes charge, organizes tasks, has focus on spending money wisely, keeps track of scope, leads by example and mentors other team members. This is a fantastic blend of skills that makes him an asset for any large scale project!

On the personal side, Andreas brings a lot of positive enthusiasm and personal stories to the team which makes working with him fun!

I give the highest of praise to my recommendation for Andreas!


Stellan Aspenström

Solution Architect at Extenda
Stellan was a client of Andreas' (2016-2018)

I had the honour to work with Andreas when we were both working in the same project for almost three years. Andreas was the architect for the client (H&M) and I was the architect for the supplier (Extenda).

Andreas is one of the best architects I've ever met, and he made a big impact on how we improved our products thanks to his excellent work. Andreas has the rare ability to understand the business needs, translate them into technical solutions and convey these needs in an understandable way. Andreas' skills made him an amazing partner to work with and I'm happy I got the chance to work with him.

Morgan Templar

Business Solutions Architect at Blue Shield of California
Morgan worked with Andreas in different groups (2013-2014)

Brilliant! The first word that comes to mind when I think of Andreas.

Andreas was the chief architect on one of the company's critical few large programs. His visionary style and clear communication helped foster a strong business and IT collaboration.

Andreas bridges the gap between business focused teams and IT teams. He has a keen mind and understands the need to focus the team's attention toward business benefits. Andreas has the trust of his IT peers and business counterparts. His clear method of modeling architecture brings order from chaos and provides an actionable framework for design and development.

Trust and teamwork are values that Andreas lives everyday. He is passionate and driven to success. Yet he is open minded and can be "convinced" but only for the bettering of all involved.

Andreas always says that architecture is about illuminating objectives and building customer-centric models to achieve business ends through IT structures. His extremely capable modeling technique and easy understanding of any topic made it a joy to partner with him over the past year and a half.

Working with Andreas made even the most challenging days enjoyable. The lively banter and positive approach to everything is a welcome addition to a fast moving, results oriented team.

I highly recommend Andreas in any capacity. If he is interested in a field, a position, or a project, you can rest assured that he will elevate it to new heights, enable exceptional success, and present an innovative point of view.


Sanjay Mahadi

Senior Enterprise Architect at Blue Shield of California
Andreas worked with Sanjay in the same group (2009-2014)

I have had the pleasure of working with Andreas at BlueShield of CA enterprise architecture group, Andreas is one of a kind and a truly passionate architect that brings forward the use of architecture capability not only to build great applications and services but also use it to bring people together from various disciplines and creating an environment of shared understanding of business processes, systems and databases.

Andreas has a natural gift of producing detailed, simple and complete documentation artifacts that captures the architecture that can be understood by business and IT teams, business teams usually use his documentation to understand what will be built and provide sign-off, I am sure his documentation will be stored at BlueShield document archives for years to come to show new architects on how to produce great work artifacts.

Finally Andreas is a great person to work with any time, he always respected co-workers no matter if we agreed or disagreed and been an inspiration to other architects to do a great job!

Miwa Tripp

Sr. IT Application Manager at Blue Shield of California
Miwa worked with Andreas in different groups (2009-2014)

I've had the pleasure of working with Andreas for 4+ years at Blue Shield. Andreas has the unique skill of breaking down complex technical designs into implementable components that both the customer and the developers can easily understand.

Andreas is a huge asset to every team and project, as he really learns the details of the business to not only earn trust with his business partners, but to make sure that we're building the right solution. He is skilled at navigating multiple IT teams and always has a positive attitude. He also developed a framework so that business and technical teams can easily understand architectural concepts which is truly brilliant. Anyone working with Andreas will notice right away that he's a huge asset.

I still believe Andreas would be best utilized as a Chief Architect for an organization, so that he can teach and train other architects not only the technical skills but the soft skills that make him such an inspirational and effective leader.

Ravi Kalaga

Manager, Release Engineering, Automation & Tools at Blue Shield of California
Andreas was senior to Ravi but didn't manage directly (2009-2014)

Andreas is a brilliant technology architect who can design a full range of complex integrated Applications and Platforms using sensible technology practices, rigorous and disciplined process while overcoming day to day challenges that hold so many architects back from achieving tangible results.

Andreas looks at problems and attempts to solve them like very few others in technology do. He thinks about a problem, true to his architecture genes, draws them out comprehensively, provides you multiple options and can help you with the pros & cons of every scenario. He makes your life simple and sets you up to succeed and that is an invaluable trait that very few architects have.

I highly recommend Andreas to anyone/company looking to build integrated systems or execute technology strategies; he is the architect you want leading your team

Sachin Rao

Director, Integration Systems at McKesson
Sachin was a client of Andreas' (2004-2008)

I have known Andreas for over 8 years and have managed him on several projects at McKesson. He is one of the brightest architects and is equipped with strong business acumen. His pleasant personality, eloquent communication, easy to get along attitude coupled with technical expertise put him in the top echelon of consultants. Andreas' performance is the standard for any team that he is part of and he sets the bar high. I would strongly recommend him as an architect, project lead as he is a true asset to have in your team.

Nina Grundemark

IT Security Consultant at H&M
Nina worked with Andreas in different groups (2018-2020)

As an IT Security Manager it is crucial to trust the architects and Andreas is great, always with a Security mindset and he reaches out if needed. Will be missed!

Ketan Gima

Director, IT Program Delivery at Blue Shield of California
Ketan was senior to Andreas but didn't manage directly (2009-2014)

I had the pleasure of working with Andreas over a span of five years. Andreas and I partnered on several initiatives, from pharmacy to medical management to electronic authorization solutions.

Andreas is extremely valuable to have on any engagement/project team. He is knowledgeable, articulate, passionate and has a fantastic "do the right thing" work ethic.

One of things that stands out is how Andreas found creative and practical paths forward, in even the most challenging scenarios, and with a unique sense of humor. Andreas is a rare blend of will, skill and humility that is evident when you interact with him.

Mike Wolfe

Information Security Architect at Blue Shield of California
Andreas worked with Mike in the same group (2012-2014)

I have the highest esteem for Andreas Amundin and the work he accomplished while a Business Systems Enterprise Architect at Blue Shield of California. He has a broad breath of experience and it shows whenever he interacted with Business Leaders, his peers in Enterprise Architecture and the IT Operations folks. As a Senior Security Architect, I valued Andreas' opinion on a wide host of deeply technical topics and I trusted his recommendations with regards to any security issues that came up for discussion.

I was sad to see Andreas leave Blue Shield of California, but I understand the reasons and wish him the very best in his future positions. We plan to stay in touch, and hope that our paths will cross again in the near future.

Mike Wolfe

Jason Hagen

Senior Operations Manager at Blue Shield
Andreas worked with Jason in the same group (2009-2014)

Andreas is a highly intelligent individual who regularly maps out extremely complex processes into an understandable format consumable by all areas of the organization. His fertile brain generates concepts and ideas that improve and streamline processes across organizational lines. He is engaging and personable and interacts well with technical and business teams.

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Federated Architecture
PrimaryScape Simple Example

Portfolio Content

Each of the thumbnails above will bring up a different slide show containing examples of my work.

In these work examples the focus have been on showcasing architectural diagrams.

Please note that architecture is much more than just pictures. When available, I have included links to published content where more information about the work can be found.

  • Federated Business Systems Architecture

    The goal of describing a federated business systems architecture was to show how such an architecture would reduce enterprise complexity, increase business ownership, increase clarity of business unit agreements and dependencies, and lay the foundation for enabling an effective enterprise data warehouse capability.

    The key to understanding the value of this architecture is recognizing that business units act locally to their interests and enterprise data warehouse solutions provide global analytic and reporting solutions. This is why business units are less likely to understand why their projects have to be integrated at extra cost and constraints to support an enterprise initiative. Logically everyone will agree that an enterprise data warehouse will add value, but when it comes to their own projects these additional costs and constraints feel unnecessary or unrealistic. A common result is an enterprise data warehouse solution where none of the business unit leaders feel vested in it. Over time such enterprise solutions grow stale due to lack of investment.

    The federated business systems architecture solves for this problem by making sure all the infrastructure to exchange information is owned at the business unit level. Business unit domains establish clear practices for how to exchange information between themselves to support their own local needs. The side effect is that all the information sharing infrastructure is owned and maintained by the business units. This infrastructure can then be leveraged to copy all business unit information into a central enterprise data warehouse. This data gathering effort is owned by a separate analytics team with its own budget apart from the regular business units. The overall work and costs to establish an enterprise data warehouse is spread across the enterprise with each business unit understanding the need for their own infrastructure.

  • A Simple PrimaryScape Example

    This simple PrimaryScape example was created to show the power and simplicity of the PrimaryScape modeling notation.

    In this example, systems are shown together with teams, and processes are shown together with information. This example brings together concepts, which traditionally have been captured separately. Business management tend to focus on teams and processes and IT management tend to focus on systems and information. The power of this example is showing how easy it is to capture all these important aspects using a simple modeling notation.

    PrimaryScape is new modeling notation I have created to make it easier to describe enterprises, organizations, business units, and IT systems. PrimaryScape can also be used to describe the outcomes of projects, programs, and initiatives.

    For more information about PrimaryScape go to the website or watch the introduction on youtube.

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Business Systems Architecture

The purpose of architecture is to create shared understanding.

I consider an architecture to be good if it is understandable by the right people and has an achievable objective. Whether an architecture is good depends a lot on its context. Who are the different people who need to understand the architecture and what aspects does each person need to understand? Is the objective of the architecture achievable given the resources, capabilities, and constraints of the organization? Is the objective of the architecture clearly understood?

The most common objectives of architecture are to inform planning and strategy, to build or change, or to run efficiently. The target audiences for each of these objectives are different which means the architectural artifacts will be different.

The greater the scope, detail, and complexity of an architecture the more architecturally capable the people who has to understand the architecture must be. What is a perfect architecture for an architecturally mature organization will be useless for an organization just starting to develop an architecture competency.

To learn more about my thoughts on architecture please check out my blog On Architecture.

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PrimaryScape is new modeling notation I have created to make it easier to describe enterprises, organizations, business units, and IT systems. PrimaryScape can also be used to describe the outcomes of projects, programs, and initiatives.

PrimaryScape is

  • Simple
  • Expressive
  • Easy to understand
  • Scales to any level
  • Helps bridge the Business-IT divide
  • Shows teams together with systems
  • Shows process together with information

The PrimaryScape notation consists of 3 concepts and 4 relationships. The 3 concepts are represented by behavior and information realized in structure. The 4 relationships are data access, data transfer, functional access, and functional transfer.

Together these concepts and relationships can be combined to express just about any kind of system, be it people based and/or computer based.

For more information about PrimaryScape:

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